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The Story Behind Our Custom-Made Anklets

So now that you’ve had the chance to check out our dazzling toe-anklets, you may be wondering how these sassy little foot jewelry pieces came to be. It all started with the creative musings of our Queen Bee, Debbie Selva.

Debbie, a So Cal native and San Fernando Valley resident, came up with her initial toe-anklet design over 20 years ago—just as one of her many jewelry making experiments. It wasn’t until later on that she decided to perfect her toe-anklet design and create an entire business (The Jungle Bee) around this winning product.

Now, The Jungle Bee’s toe-anklets have become a the latest must-have accessory for beach lovers throughout the Los Angeles area and across the U.S. We even get orders from overseas! We have customers who wear them to dress up their toes and ankles on the sand, by the pool, out and about, at work, etc. We also have numerous brides who have made our toe-anklets accessories for their bridal parties at their weddings! Our mission at The Jungle Bee is to provide our customers with beautiful creations to let them express who they are in fun and stylish ways.

Check out our Los Angeles toe-anklets and other jewelry online. You can also contact us for any special requests. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!